"JOIN THE PACK!" - 'Helping You To Help Your Dog'.


TLC Canine Care offers a uniquely personal service tailored to meet the physical, mental and emotional needs of your individual dog during his/her stay with us in order to provide the best of care using a holistic and natural approach.

We offer Daycare with an emphasis on Socialisation, often beneficial to puppies or dogs that require a little extra help.





Puppy Advice Visits

Practical help and support for new puppy owners in your own home.



1-2-1 Home Visits for Behaviour Counselling and Advice.


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We offer short term Home boading where your dog lives as part of our family and with our pack of 5 dogs, 3 cats and 2 Tortoises!  We include a natural, real food diet for your dog as a special 'perk' in our boarding rate.  This can be raw or cooked depending on choice and is often a good way to introduce your dog to the benefits, both health and behavioral, that a natural diet can offer. We can also offer advice and help to those wishing to change their dog over to a raw diet.

We can offer Behavior Counselling and Training advice based on many years of personal, practical experience and study (including a full Diploma with Distinction in Canine Behaviour & Psychology/ Higher Cynology from Compass Training & Education.

We stock and supply a range of quality frozen, raw and homecooked foods from complete raw meals for practical easy use, to plain meat and fish products for the more experienced 'DIY' raw feeder!


The perfect break for your dog when you need to leave them.

International Companion Animal Network.

I'm so proud to be an Associate Member of this amazing new network Cool

"Welcome to TLC Canine Care"

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Events hosted by TLC Canine Care.

For Ally who was the inspiration for so much of what I do now.
She was (and still is) incredible teacher.

TLC Canine Care also hosts seminars and workshops relating to many different dog related topics, leaning heavily toward the holistic approach to both health and welfare.

We try to host 3-4 a year so please check our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/JointhePackatTLCCanineCare for any new or upcoming events.

I am also dedicated to raising awareness of Canine Epilepsy after losing my beautiful GSD, Ally on the 31st May 2016 to this highly distressing, frustrating and all too often fatal condition (part of her story can be seen on my Blog page) I ran a support group as well as organising events for a small canine epilepsy charity for 4 years but left the group and now have a Facebook Group, Naturally Ally, that looks at the holistic approach for diet and health with a particular interest in natural methods of managing canine epilepsy as well as offering support.