New service 'SHY DOG Day Care' for people shy dogs. See below and in the Services section for more information

"JOIN THE PACK!" - 'Helping You To Help Your Dog'.


TLC Canine Care offers a uniquely personal service tailored to meet the physical, mental and emotional needs of your individual dog during his/her stay with us in order to provide the best of care using a holistic and natural approach.

We offer Daycare with an emphasis on Socialisation, often beneficial to puppies or dogs that require a little extra help as shown below-

'SHY DOG' Day Care - This service is aimed in particular at those dogs/puppies who are timid or wary around people. This can be due to a variety of reasons, poor breeding, former abuse or neglect in a rescue dog, basically any reason that has caused a loss of trust in people. These dogs are often happier being with other dogs and here they can interact with our own dogs and through them learn to regain their trust in myself and also other knowledgeable dog friends and associates, which can help to facilitate further trust in people generally, although some dogs will always retain a degree of wariness as, just as wth us trust needs to be earned, especially when broken or possibly never truly learned to begin with. These dogs need plenty of patience and understanding and is quite a passion with me.




These are new sessions to be held by TLC Canine Care, in conjuncton with Liberty's Pet Services in Eastry, to help owners with Fear Reactive Dogs or Frustrated Greeter types to fnd tools to help them work with and reduce some of these behaviours. The sessions wll take place at Liberty's secure facilities and are prebookable at £20 per session starting on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th November 2018. Please contact us for more details.

**From 2019 these sessions will be held as 4 week courses starting on Sunday 13th January 2019 at Liberty's Pet Services secure venue in Eastry,Kent at a cost of 80.00 held on consecutive Sundays at 11-12pm and 12.30-1.30pm.



Puppy Advice Visits

Practical help and support for new puppy owners in your own home.



1-2-1 Home Visits for Behaviour Counselling and Advice.


More details can be found on our Facebook page -




TLC Canine Care offers a range of services including more specialised help in certain areas.

We can offer Behavior Counselling and Training advice based on many years of personal, practical experience and study (including a full Diploma with Distinction in Canine Behaviour & Psychology/ Higher Cynology from Compass Training & Education plus constant new research into the latest findings about these amazing, complex and emotional animals we share our lives with!

We stock and supply a range of quality frozen, raw foods from complete raw meals for practical easy use, to plain meat and fish products for the more experienced 'DIY' raw feeder!


International Companion Animal Network.

I'm so proud to be an Associate Member of this amazing new network Cool

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Events hosted by TLC Canine Care.

For Ally who was the inspiration for so much of what I do now.
She was (and still is) incredible teacher.

TLC Canine Care also hosts seminars and workshops relating to many different dog related topics, leaning heavily toward the holistic approach to both health and welfare.

We try to host 3-4 a year so please check our Facebook page for any new or upcoming events.