Services we offer.

Happy Dogs, Happy Owners x

'Perfect Pup Breaks' & 'Week Retreats' -

'Pup Breaks' consist of 1-3 nights for puppies and young dogs needing that extra care and are tailored to suit your dog. These can be for an overnight stay, a long weekend ie Friday to Monday or a midweek break.

'Week Retreats' are aimed at the 'more mature' dog ensuring your dog has their own special holiday and home from home care when you are away.

We are now offering 'Socialisation and Enrichment Activity Sessions' for those dogs with poor socialisation skills and lack of focus often caused by poor breeding practices and negative early life experiences, which if not handled in a positive way at the time, can lead to little or no social skills, inappropriate responses and dogs often prone to reactive behviour.

Our other services include 'Empower Your Pup' socialisation sessions, a set of 2 x hourly carefully managed sessions for younger puppies from 12-20 weeks, introducing them at their own pace and personality to many of the experiences they are likely to encounter in the first crucial months. This can help with building confidence and resiliency especially in the more shy, nervous pups.



We also offer 1-2-1 puppy advice Home Visits to help with all the 'teething' problems that can occur. 

We offer behavioural advice and 1-2-1 home visits for more specific issues as well as a phone/email service for basic advice on other more general issues, so don't hesitate to get in touch - see Contact Details page.   

We also stock a range of real food for dogs including raw complete meals and plain meats as well as 'Different Dog' - a range of homecooked complete meals.

  We can offer advice on raw feeding and support for those wishing to transition their own dog or puppy over to a raw diet or homecooked diet which can be one of the most beneficial changes you can make for your dog's health.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Trial Visit for Assessment 2 hours am or pm FOC
Day Care Half Day ie -9am-1pm/1pm-5pm £15.00
Day Care Full Day ie - 9am - 5pm £20.00
Day Care- 2 dogs-same family Half Day ie 9-1pm/1-5pm £25.00
Day Care-2dogs-same family Full Day ie - 9am - 5pm £30.00
'Perfect Pup Breaks' * 1-3 nights Home Boarding From £25
'Week Retreats' * Up to 1 week Home Boarding £160.00
*Natural Diet inc. in rate Raw or Cooked *Own diet required *Owner to supply.
'Empower Your Pup' session 2 hours TBA £15.00 - session
Puppy Advice Visit 1 hour TBA £30.00
Behaviour 1-2-1 Visit 1-2 hours TBA £45.00
Can I Help You? 30+ Phone/Email TBA £10.00

There may be variations in price according to any special needs, both for health and/or behavioural needs.
*For the 'Perfect Pup Breaks' and 'Week Retreats' a Pick Up or Drop Off service can be arranged for an additional £10