Services and prices.

Happy Dogs, Happy Owners x

DAY CARE SERVICES- A safe, secure and knowlegeable home setting where your dog can become part of the family for the day, including socialising with my dogs and cats, enjoy canine enrichment activites and rural walks and some general chill out 

'Hot Under The Collar' sessions, in conjunction with Liberty's Pet Services in Eastry. offering  separate small group sessions at ther secure facilities for dogs with Fear Reactive or Frustrated Greeter behaviour issues.

Pups Interactive Canine Enrichment -Private 1-2-1 sessions incorporating many different forms of enrichment tailored to suit the individual puppy or dog. These sessions can be combined with puppy advice visits covering the normal puppy topics and can be very beneficial to new puppy owners. They can also be good for confidence boosting for shy or nervous dogs and rescues. Please visit our facebook group to find out more or to book classes.

1-2-1 puppy advice Home Visits to help with all the 'teething' problems that can occur (see above). 

Behavioural advice and 1-2-1 home visits for more specific issues as well as a phone/email service for basic advice on other more general issues, so don't hesitate to get in touch - see Contact Details page.   

We stock Raw Made Simple, a high quality raw food and offer advice on raw feeding and support for those wishing to transition their own dog or puppy over to a raw diet or homecooked diet which can be one of the most beneficial changes you can make for your dog's health and behaviour.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


Trial Visit for Assessment 2 hours am or pm FOC
Day Care - General Half Day ie -9am-1pm/1pm-5pm £15.00
Day Care - General Full Day ie - 9am - 5pm £20.00
Overnight stay 24hour 24 hours £25.00
'Hot Under The Collar' 1 hour Sunday 11-12pm £20.00
Behaviour 1-2-1 Visit 1-2 hours TBA £45.00
Puppy Advice Visit 1 hour TBA £30.00
Raw Food Stockist Daily Prices from £1.10
Pups Interactive classes 1 hour TBA From £20

*There may be variations in price according to any special needs, both for health and/or behavioural needs.
* Hot Under The Collar sessions are to be held in conjunction with Liberty's Pet Service at their secure premises in Eastry.