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Website 23. Nov, 2018

Jaqua Townsend

The puppy is my favorite partner.

10. Dec, 2017

Eugene Cullen

We asked Jane to do a home visit as we were having behaviour issues with out terrier, he got over excited when greeting visitors, Jane immediately calmed him down and give us great advice on how to

improve his behaviour with various activities which we are continually working on and seeing good progress with our dog's behaviour.

Jane has followed up on his progress and offered further advice to ensure that he is becoming a good citizen, and he is a more relaxed now when we have visitors

We would recommend Jane to anyone needing help with pets who just need pointing in the right direction.

Website 27. Sep, 2017


So many cute dogs.

Website 1. Mar, 2017

Minnie Hayden

Thanks for all your efforts during this site. I found it always fun and instructive, you're a winner!

Website 11. Aug, 2015

Kathryn Reilly

We can't believe how lucky we've been to find Jane and TLC. She is totally dog-devoted and her own pack very welcoming to visitors canine and human! Sadie was very nervous at first but now drags me up the drive to be with her pals. Jane goes above and
beyond to help dogs and owners have worry-free (but sadly necessary) breaks from each other. It means a lot to have complete confidence in the person looking after your irreplaceable four-legged friend.

31. Jul, 2015


Monty has been going to visit Jane and her pack regularly for nearly four years now. It is one of the highlights of his week. He loves it. Thank you so much Jane.

30. Jul, 2015

Ruth Burvill

Tulah & Alice have spent many happy times with jane, jane is a very caring person who loves the dogs who stay with her as if they were her own, I wouldn't trust my 2 to anyone else

Website 30. Jul, 2015

Ann Marie Terry

I moved to Deal 1½ years ago and Jane has been boarding my dog Malachi who is now 2, twice a week ever since.

I could not be any more satisfied with the loving and holistic care he receives. Malachi looks forward to going every Monday and oftentimes its a job to get him to leave. He just loves it there. Thanks for all your dedicated work Jane.

29. Jul, 2015

Hazel Toraman

Our now-6-months-old puppy has been to stay 3 times and has come home calm and happily tired on all 3 occasions. It really feels like home from home and following a recommendation to take our puppy here we haven't worried at all about leaving her. She
gets lots of opportunities to learn how to behave dog-style as she mixes with all the others really happily.

Website 8. Jul, 2015

Tamara Collins

There is no one i would trust more with my precious babies.