'Hot Under The Collar' sessions

Starting from Saturday November 3rd and Sunday November 4th 2018, TLC Canine Care in conjunction with Liberty's Pet Services, Eastry, are holding 2 different sessions aimed at helping dogs with Fear Reactive Behaviours and Frustrated Greeting behaviours at Liberty's secure facilities.

The Fear Reactive sessions will be offered as 4 week courses starting Sunday 13th January,2019 at a cost of 80.00 and will run on consecutive Sundays at 11-12pm and 12.30-1.30pm.


The Frustrated Greeters sessions (FGS) are aimed at those dogs who get very excitable, either when out on leads or at home, when they are not able, or allowed, to interact with other dogs, people etc. These dogs may get very vocal and may show highly excitable behaviour but this is mainly due to the frustration of not being able to get to what or who they want rather than being fear based although their may be anxiety issues involved.

The Fear Reactive sessions (FRS) are aimed at those dogs who show reactive behaviour, especially on the lead, which can result in barking, growling, lunging and snapping at other dogs, people and other triggers that induce a fear reaction in them resulting in a need to scare or drive away the 'scary' thing.

Both classes aim to help reduce these behaviours by using certain exercises and techniques to help the dogs focus on ther owners, enabling them to feel safer and calmer both in and outside of the home. These sessions are about giving owners the 'tools' they need to help change their dogs emotional states from over threshold and unresponsive to back under threshold and so calmer and able to focus, using only postive reward based training. It is also about reducing owner anxiety whch can play such a large part in a dog's reactions.

*Remember - Your dog is your mirror and will both reflect and overexaggerate those feelings right back at you! You need to practice being calm and focused in order for your dog to feel safe with you.

These classes aim to be both interactive and proactive, where owners can feel less anxious about attending as everyone is there for the same reason, so no judgemental attitutudes or embarrassment about your dog's behaviour that is normally felt when you have a dog with  fear reactive issues. We feel these owners and their dogs are the ones who need most help but are often too worried to attend normal training classes or have even been asked to leave a class as their dog's behavour is too distracting. This often alienates and isolates those who have dogs with issues which can be very dfficult to deal with. We hope these classes may help, although the main bulk of the work will need to be done by the owners on a daily basis to bring about any major changes.

The sessions will be 1 hour consisting of 45 minutes of working with your dogs which will be enough for them and starting and ending with a few minutes of breathing exercises  for the owners to help reduce any anxiety and the last 15mins will be for any feedback on how you feel the session went, any questions or suggestions and time for a cuppa before leaving.

The sessions will be a prebookable amount of £20 per session.

You will need to bring plenty of small 'high value' treats ie, livercake,  cut up hot dogs,  squeezy cheese tubes or whatever your dog really loves as you need to find something that is good enough to distract him when needed and to constantly reward  any and all good responses. A specal toy that your dog only has at these sessions is a good idea if they are more toy than food orientated although good to bring both. Please bring a target mat as ther 'safe spot'  A long lead to enable your dog to have a little extra space around you. The Halti double ended leads are ideal or the equivalent. A balance harness with front and back ring for added control are the suggested wear but that wll be up to the owner. If your dog normally wears a headcollar that is fine to bring them in but please have either a flat collar or a harness that the lead can be attached to in order to remove the headcollar once you have your safe distance as they can produce both discomfort and added anxiety in some dogs. There will be plenty of space for each dog plus we will use the cars as screens as they can be parked on the secure field (providing the ground is hard enough) There are also other enclosed areas where the dogs can have a time out if they need it and/or their owners!

Please bring water for your dogs, poo bags and please wear suitable clothing and footwear as the sessions will be held outside.

Please contact us for more details.

There is a  closed Facebook group 'Hot Under The Collar' for anyone wishing to join where the information and updates on the sessions will be and also to act as a type of support group where all the owners can post about their own experiences, ask questions and generally feel less alone as havng a dog with reactive behaviour can make you feel that way.

The 'Hot Under The Collar' courses help you to help your dog.