Hi from the 'gang' x

Tika x

Mikki x

Ally x

Frankie x

Indi x

Our newest member Panther (at 15 weeks) a female all black GSD puppy and a real sweetheart <3

Mia, my dippy Ragdoll x

The 'Boss' my Siamese Dixie!

Caspar & Dixie x

Psycho tortoise 'Turbo'!

Normal tortoise Winnie!

Please meet the 'gang'. In order of age & who arrived whenCool

1st photo - 'Tika' Rescue 10 yr female Border/Beardie/Collie x 'Likes to think she is the boss & loves human attention most!' x

2nd photo - 'Mikki' Rescue 8 yr male Border Collie. 'The Blue-eyed boy who just loves a ball!'x

3rd photo - 'Ally' Rescue 7 yr female GSD. 'The gentlest & kindest spirit' x (Very sadly Ally is no longer with us, a victim of the cruellest of conditions - Canine EpilepsyBroken heart) She will always be part of the family in my heart....

4th photo - 'Frankie' Rescue  8 yr Collie/Whippet/Lurcher. 'Butter wouldn't melt-much'!

5th photo - 'Indi' 6 yr British Timber Dog. 'Big handsome boy with a heart of gold' x

6th photo - 'Panther' 16week female GSD puppy with the sweetest nature x