Certificates for my Diploma

My certification gained from Compass Education & Training in order to pass my Diploma in Canine Behaviour & Psychology/Higher Cynology. At the time there were nowhere near so many courses popping up as now so I really researched what courses were available to me and Compass was one of the most highly recommmended  by vets, dog trainers and even police dog handlers as well as many others and I was able to validate this by actually asking some of the people in these professions who they recommended and Compass came out really well. I really took my studies seriously, going beyond what some of the coursework actually entailed in order to learn as much as possible (including a Wolf Study at 6am one morning in Wildwood nature reserve! I was the only one there as they very kindly let me go over at that time as I was studying and it was an amazing experience, captive wolves or not), I also went down for a day to Canine Partners in West Sussex to watch and learn how they train Dogs for the Disabled, another wonderful experience. I also studied and read up on all the 'science' of behaviour during my coursework and amassed a whole library of books by many different authors, from the most well respected experts in their field,  such as Karen Pryor, Dr Ian Dunbar, Turid Rugaas, Temple Grandin, to name but a few, right down to some little known but equally as interesting authors that caught my interest too.

I continue to study and gain new information constantly as you can never stop learning in the field of dog  (& human) behaviour! I am particularly interested in the emotional needs of dogs as emotion drives behaviour and am very glad to see Science is now backing up what so many people who live and work closely with their canine companions have always felt!

I love to attend seminars and courses, more recently The Animal Energy Conference and The Natural Dog Conference. Through TLC Canine Care I often host Workshops & Seminars including Dr Isla Fishburn-Kachina Canine Communication, Caroline Griffiths-The Spiritual Dog Trainer, Toni Shebourne - TTouch Practitioner and Trevor Cooper - Dog Law Solicitor as well as helping to organise Ally's Angel Fun Dog Day which raises funds and awareness for Canine Epilepsy in memory of my beloved GSD Ally who lost her battle to this distressing and all too often fatal condition last year as do so many others.(It is estimated 1 in 4 dogs suffer with some form of this condition!) * I am always happy to offer any advice or support to anyone struggling with an 'epi-pup', I know what an emotional rollercoaster it can be...

On top of this I have a huge interest in natural nutrition & health and have a another library of information on many of these topics too.

I offer advice and support with behavioural problems and can offer 1-2-1 home visits if required - POA


 My work really is my vocation!🙂