''Perfect Pup Breaks and Week Retreats' The Best of Home Care

Perfect Pup Breaks and 'Week Retreats' are for those times when you need to leave your dog or puppy, whether for a work commitment, hospital stay or just a short holiday. They are tailored to you and your dog's individual needs so you can leave your dog, confident that they are being looked after as you would wish.

These short breaks are structured around what your particular dog needs, whether a more relaxed 'chill out' break for an older dog, to plenty of fun enrichment activity, basic training skills, lovely country walks and plenty of canine and human interaction for a young dog. They will also learn to be around cats in a respectful manner. For a short break they will have plenty of activity to challenge them on every level so they should come home tired and happy!

I follow a natural path with my dogs so a complete raw diet is offered for our canine guests but I am also happy to cook a nutritious meal which is included in the boarding rate, although if you prefer to bring your dog's normal diet that is fine. All treats are natural too. I like to give my dogs the choice of where they sleep so there are always lots of beds (and the sofas!) to choose from as well as a smaller crate which is left open all the time as some dogs do feel more secure in there. I also have a separate room they can choose to sleep in if they are more comfortable on their own but I find that pretty rare as dogs are naturally 'denning' animals so normally choose to sleep near each other or near us.

Whatever your reason for being away, you can rest assured your dog will have the perfect break and plenty of TLC!